De 3 wijzen, season 2

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After the first successful remake of the classic of all panel shows, Kobe Ilsen is back with a second series of ‘The three wise’ (De 3 wijzen).

He brings us 3 Wise, 7 questions, 2 candidates and 3 stories that can be true or false.

Maaike Cafmeyer, Gert Verhulst, Erik Van Looy, Sven De Leijer are also back. And next to these familiar faces we also welcome some new Wise people. Popular storytellers like Philippe Geubels, Rik Verheye, Stan Van Samang, Adriaan Van Den Hoof, ‘Thuis’ (Home) actor Raf Jansen  (this seasons surprise), Dina Tersago and Nathalie Meskens will try to put the candidates on the wrong track.

All these Wise people will serve you exciting, fascinating and compelling stories during the finale. Only one question remains: is their story true or false?