What to expect this fall?

Monday, the 1st of September, a brand new season of ‘That Awkward Moment’ (En Toen Kwam Ons Ma Binnen 2) starts on 2BE. In this second season we’ll still have an endless amount of awkward moments to release on the audience.

The day after that VTM will air the first episode of Long Live season 2. The first guest that will be featured is reality TV star Astrid Bryan.

But first, VTM will air the second episode of music show ‘Tien Om Tegen De Sterren Op Te Zien’, this Friday. The first episode, from Friday the 22th of August, reached nearly one million viewers…

Familieraad’ has been a great success throughout this summer. It has been a real throwback treat, with a lot of familiar faces from the past 25 years of television on VTM. And not to forget the show brought us the return of famous impersonator and presenter Chris Van Den Durpel, who finally unleashed his impersonations back on our TV screens.