We are in full gear for 2014

Other movies

  • Season 4 of Tegen De Sterren Op (Against the stars) on VTM got top ratings.

The 4th season of Tegen De Sterren Op (‘Against The Stars’) was the most successful season jet. We had the best ratings and our social media pages have gone out of control receiving multiple new fans on a daily base.

  • Brand new show Achter De Feiten (Behind the facts)  on Eén

From Wednesday the 19th of March, Achter De Feiten makes its first appearance on television. It’s a brand new satirical sketch show, inspired by topicality. Achter De Feiten shows how an everyday topic can have huge consequences in the life of (fictional) ordinary people. Every occurrence can trigger a personal drama, an unsuspected initiative or a sudden opinion or insight.

Achter De Feiten works with a fixed group of actors: Liesa Naert, Koen De Bouw, Nico Sturm, Tania Van Der Sanden, Mieke De Grootte, Jos Vebist, Evelien Bosmans, Peter Van Den Eede, Barbara Sarafian, Bert Haelvoet and Stijn Steyaert.

  • En Toen Kwam ons Ma Binnen (that awkward moment) season two

Season two has been in production and once again it’s filled with embarrassing and very awkward moments. The show will air later this year on 2BE.

Meanwhile, the show has been sold abroad. Germany, the Netherlands, France and Australia have shown interest to air some awkward moments on their screens.

  • Long Live season two

Presenter Jonas Van Geel has yet some more famous Belgian actors, singers and politicians that he wants to put in a spotlight to celebrate their life by showing their most beautiful (and maybe also their less beautiful) moments in an original, sketchy way.

Jonas Van Geel is also this year’s ‘Televison academy’ nominee for a ‘best presenter’ award.