Voor De Leeuwen is on air

The brand new dedsit show ‘The Lion’s den’ (Voor De Leeuwen) is on air as we speak.

Presentor Bart Peeters and his 8 brand new, young, comical talents make a weekly show from scratch for every comedy enthousiast out there. For the next couple of weeks you can see Dries, Lander, Nic, Jade, Peter, Pieter, Anouck and Ariane grow into comical supertalents on broadcaster één.

Each week the group of 8 is inspired by the work and comedy of a guest, a comedian like Urbanus or a funny actrice like Maaike Cafmeyer, and they will dedicate an entire show to them.

All of this to make their guests and the viewers laugh. In the end the guests will pick their favorite and hand out a silver lion statue.

In the last episode one of the 8 new talents will receive the ultimate price: a golden lion.

Every Thursday, at 20:40 on één.