This Autumn on VTM

This autumn dedsit will be well represented on your screen.

First of all our masters in voice imitation Chris Van Den Durpel and Guga Baul bring the animal world to live in ‘Funnymals’. Meerkats, polar bears, parrots and goldfish receive the craziest voices and tell their most beastly stories and best animal jokes. To make the talking jungle complete our two voice wizards will weekly invite a female guest voice.  Animals have never been so human as in Funnymals.

On 2BE you’ll get to see life’s most awkward situations. In ‘En toen kwam ons ma binnen’ (that awkward moment when mom entered) actors bring embarrassing situations to life in painfully recognizable sketches. We all know these situations. Very terrible to experience, but insanely fun to watch.

During  ‘Lang Leve’ (Hail Hail) presenter Jonas Van Geel dissects the career and the life of 10 iconic Belgians in a playful way. How will the guests react when Jonas confronts them in studio with the movie of their lives? Starring Bart De Pauw, Gert Verhulst, Natalia, Regi, Koen Wauters, Urbanus and Tom Waes.

‘Nonkel Mop’ (Uncle Joke) ambassador Rob Vanoudenhoven receives 4 storytellers at his table. Together with the viewer they are searching for the best jokes in the world in order to put together a new big jokes encyclopedia.

‘Voor Dummies’ (For dummies) takes you on a journey through the VTM archives with a hand guide for the hatches life. Family happiness for dummies, Fashion for dummies, Sportive Success for dummies,… are few of many guides we’ll offer you.

Funnymals (from the 26th of August every weekday at 19:45 on vtm)

En toen kwam ons ma binnen (Monday from the 2nd of September at 20:30  on 2be)

Lang Leve (Tuesday from the 3th of September at 20:40 on vtm)

Nonkel Mop (Tuesday from the 3th of September (22:25) and again Thursday (22:45) on vtm)

Voor Dummies ( Wednesday starting the 4th of September, at 22:00 on vtm)