The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) grants support to ‘The kidnapping of Phil Frisco’.

‘The kidnapping of Phil Frisco’ is a new drama series that will go into production during the spring of 2018.

It is a bittersweet crime drama about what life has in store for everyone who, blinded by selfinterest and greed, only strives for his own happiness. The main character is ice cream manufacturer Philip Druyts, known as Phil Frisco, a self-made entrepreneur, extremely popular amongst his workforce, but ignorant of everything that goes on in his detached family. When Phil’s wife Ariane sells his life’s work to an American multinational, all hell breaks loose.

‘The kidnapping of Phil Frisco’ is a co-production between Dedsfilm, the fiction department of Dedsit, and The directors are Raf Reyntjens and Koen Van Sande. The production of the series will start in the course of 2018 and the series will be broadcast on VTM.