Tegen de Sterren Op season 6

Against the Stars is back on your TV screen with a brand new season! After over 2000 sketches and 350 characters our 6th season has even more cameo’s and satirizes some new famous Belgian actors, singers and politicians.

Was Dutch presenter Gerard Joling really smitten with his co-presenter Niels Destadsbader in the talent show ‘K3 zoekt K3’? Did CEO Gert Verhulst already knew the outcome beforehand? And meanwhile, are the newest (and the old) K3 lady’s holding up?

Or what about Kim Kardashian, the American reality star who really can’t wait to become the first lady of the United States since her husband Kanye West will be running for president in 2020…

Will Tom Lenaerts keep his cool in ‘Kalmte kan u redden’ (remaining calm can save you), can Staf and Mathias Coppens keep on torturing each other’s body?

And, of course, we also welcome some national and international singers to serve the audience some music during our episodes.

The 6th season of Against the Stars with Nathalie, Jonas, Ella, Guga, Tine, Ivan, Clara, Walter & Chris every Wednesday on VTM.