Tegen De Sterren Op is back!

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Against the stars (Tegen De Sterren Op) is back with a smashing 8th season!

This year our usual actors welcome a brand new group of imitation talent. We present you four new actors that will join our cast: Louis Talpe, Ilse De Koe, Jonas Van Thielen and Robrecht Van Thoren.

Our cast has been busy these past few months, trying to grasp the manners and language of several new characters. For example, we will let our Axel Daeseleire (Ivan Pecnik) walk with the homeless, the Boxy’s (Louis Talpe & Guga Baul) will review celebrity cookbooks, dictator Kim Jong Un (Jonas Van Thielen) will speech for his Nord-Korean nationals, our viewers will learn everything there is to know about sex from Dokter Bea (Nathalie Meskens), Jan Mulder (Louis Talpe) will analyze soccer games, Cathérine Moerkerke (Clara) will go undercover in exciting new worlds and Jeroom (Jonas Van Geel) will be his funniest self.

We will also invite some ‘real’ celebrities and politicians. Tête à Tête is back, where we put a politician, actor or singer face to face with their comical look-alike for an in depth interview. With a lot of exciting revelations as a result.

No new tv-show is safe and no fresh tv-personality is left behind!

A brand new Against The Stars season, Thursday February 1st at 8.35 p.m.