Liefde Voor De Sterren Tegen De Muziek

Christoff and Nathalie ‘Natalia’ Meskens will present a new music show this summer.

Summer still needs to kick off officially, but we can already state that this season is going to be filled with humor and music. VTM will air a cooperation between their successful shows ‘Tegen De Sterren Op’ (Against the Stars) and ‘Liefde voor muziek’ (Love for Music). Hence this is why we got the longest title of summer shows this season:  ‘Love for stars against the music’. :)

Belgian singer Christoff will present this music show together with Nathalie Meskens, who will be on stage as her alter ego from ‘Against the Stars’: singer Natalia.


The show will continue the huge success from last years ‘Tien om Tegen de Sterren Op te Zien’, which then attracted ten thousand enthusiastic spectators to the seaside.

This year, international and Belgian artists AND their lookalikes from ‘Against the Stars’ will bring you their covers from past and present hits.

Recordings will be in August (12, 18 and 24) on the beach of Ostend. Co-produced by Dedsit and Zodiak Belgium.

On your TV-screens from Friday the 14th of august.