Jonas & Van Geel

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Jonas & Van Geel, the brand new entertainment show from Jonas Van Geel is on VTM, every Wednesday and Friday.

If there is a perfect host for this show, both a personality show and a talkshow, it is certainly Jonas Van Geel. Everything he loves: acting, singing, goofing around will be addressed in the show.

Jonas wants to surprise his guests and audience, he wants to entertain them and show something the Belgian audience hasn’t seen before in a talkshow.

And whatever we can’t do in our show on Wednesday, we do in our late night version on Friday. We will loosen things up: the public will stand, our guests can have a drink and our music can be a bit harder and louder. And of course, our questions will be a little more naughty. Wednesday will be cleaner and it will be a bigger show. On Friday night we forget the rules and we will make a shorter and naughtier version.

The viewer really likes Jonas & Van Geel, and we have the market share to prove it. More than 35% for Wednesday and even more than 40% for Friday.

Jonas & Van Geel, every Wednesday at 9:30 and Friday at 10:30 on VTM.