Dedsit is on a roll

Lang Leve (Long Live) was warmly welcomed by the viewer with high ratings as a result. This season brings not only tears of joy but also a lot of emotion, which is appreciated by the public and by our Long Live guests too.

Meanwhile ‘En Toen Kwam Ons Ma Binnen’ (That Awkward Moment) runs on TV bringing us too much awkward situations to handle. So we decided to share and sent some awkwardness abroad. Which seems to be a great success because across boundaries people love laughing at Belgium’s most awkward moments too.

We all need a break. Or at least, that’s what we try to sell to the people who drink Royco soup. Because we have been working nonstop to release some fun commercials for Royco’s soup in Flemish and French. Main character is yet again CEO Roy from the Royco headquarters.

Whilst these shows are running our team is brainstorming and producing a wide range of new shows that will air in the near future. We will keep you posted!