Dedsit and Activia go for a post-holiday detox.

Ok, we have to face it: holiday season is now officially over. Time to get our act together again.
Luckily, the friendly people at Danone came up with the Activia program: a day-to-day guide to a healthier lifestyle. And the next couple of weeks, Dedsit will be creating the campaign to promote it.
Instead of showing the usual actresses talking about the benefits, we will be following Vicky, Katrijn and Pascale; 3 Flemish women who took up the challenge to begin 2012 with the Activia program. Their real-life experiences will be captured in 2-minute reports. As the Activia program takes 16 days, you can expect our first reports in about two weeks. So stay tuned for more, and in the meantime enjoy Vicky’s mission statement here.