Coming soon!

While 2014 is coming to an end, Dedsit is already warming up for 2015…

As we speak we are recording the fifth season of ‘Tegen De Sterren Op’ (Against the stars) with a lot of new characters and some golden oldies, to bring you laughter during the upcoming new year.

The studio recordings are already sold out. So, you’ll have to wait until the 7th of January to witness the brand new stage.  Or should we say stages? Not one, not two, but THREE stages will present our live audience some bold new sketches this year.

Our brand new show ‘Met de deur in huis’ (through the Keyhole) is also in full gear to air in 2015. Starting our Studio recordings in the same weekend as TDSO (the 14th of December), and also already sold out, we are ready to show you around the houses of some Belgian celebrities…*

In ‘Met de deur in huis’ host Chris Van Den Durpel (who you’ll remember from Familieraad)  shows you around Belgians most famous houses with a little help from his famous characters, Kamiel Spiessens, Firmin, Snelle Eddy, Jimmy B, Suzanne (the cleaning lady) and Ronny King, who investigate the property of several Belgian celebrities.

They will search through closets, drawers and they will eat whatever is in the fridge to present a full proof investigation with tips to the celebrity-panel that has to guess the true identity of the hospitable owner…

*At the beginning of 2015 there will be some new studio recordings for ‘Met De Deur in Huis’