Against The Stars LIVE 2

Last weekend Against The Stars (Tegen De Sterren Op) went LIVE during 6 shows in the Antwerp event hall ‘Lotto Arena’! After last year’s success we had to make this year even greater and more spectacular than ever:

Over 30.000 people got to witness our 9 actors, 12 dancers, a live orchestra and over 60 caricatures in spectacular new sketches. And we incorporated some of the viewer’s favorite sketches from last season too.  Needless to say we used a lot of wigs and make-up to make it happen. Luckily we have team full of stars too, who work behind the scenes.

Actors were flying through the sky, socializing with the audience, an actress even fell through the roof and so much more!

Twitter nearly exploded from enthusiasm with audiences using our hashtags #TDSOlive and #TDSO to show us their love. And reviews were raging!

Against The Stars was a great success for the second year in a row!