Dedsit is a one-stop
shop full of creative minds.

Our office is filled with people from all kinds of backgrounds (TV, advertising, design) but with one common goal: to create great content. From comedy to sitcom, drama series, documentary, commercial or that other really unique format you are thinking of right now… we do it.
And we do it all in the most efficient way we can. Dedsit has everything in house to keep everything in house. That way we avoid losing precious creativity along the way.

You are a brand?

We’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Because we believe the future of advertising isn’t advertising at all. At least, nothing that looks too much like it. After all, you want to show your business to the market. Which is show business, right? And that just happens to be exactly what we are good at. So why not let our cocktail of people mix something for you that looks like proper show business. With real emotions, comedy or suspense.
Take a look at our work and see what we mean.